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We don't want you to be injured, but if you are, we want you to call us.
We know how to prove your damages and obtain compensation for them.
We work together with you to execute the plan. Your attorney will regularly talk with you about the case, about how it is progressing and about what to expect.
When you have been injured, there is a lot of turmoil and uncertainty and chaos in your life. We provide an anchor of calm security.

We know how the system works, we know how to make it work for you and how to explain all of the legal issues to you in a way that you can easily get.
How We Work
We Talk - Free consultation call
We give you a free consultation to evaluate the possible outcomes of your case. You can ask any questions during this free consultation, and we freely give information that will be useful to you.

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We Engage
If we agree to work together then we will sign a contract together. We will make a plan for how we can recover money for your damages.
We Work Together
During this time we will work as a team on the case. You will let us know about changes in your status, in your treatment and any other issue. We will let you know about our progress in identifying sources of payment, in establishing liability and in proving damages.
We Recover Money
When we receive compensation for your damages, we will plan together on how that money is spent, which will include compensation to you.
BOBLAWFIRM - We help people
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Our mission:
We help people - particularly people who have been hurt by others.

We educate you about how the claim works so that we can together make decisions about how to pursue your claim.

We work with you personally to make sure your case has the best outcome possible.
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